What Research About Circumcision Can Teach You

What You Need to Know Concerning Gentle Procedures and Their Health Benefits

Male circumcision is a process where the foreskin of the male organ is removed through a surgical process. The foreskin which is also known as the prepuce is a naturally occurring skin at the tip of the male organ and it is retractable. The religious beliefs, culture, preferences, and personal beliefs are some of the influences of male circumcision. When a mother has given birth to a male child, and they have stayed in the hospital for some time, the child is usually circumcised before they leave the hospital premises. According to research that has been done, it proves that more than half of the population of baby boys is circumcised while they are leaving the hospital. Among the main reasons why parents opt for their male children to be circumcised before leaving the hospital is because of religion, tradition and for hygienic purposes.

Other reasons that are not common for making parents to circumcise their male children includes family customs and peer pressure. Male circumcision is a practice that began long time ago, and it is widely practiced. There are many health benefits that are associated with male circumcision, and some of them have been forwarded by people in the medical field. One of the health benefits of male circumcision is that it helps to reduce the chances of someone to have infections that are associated with the urinary tract. Normally, the largest group of men or boys who end up being affected by urinary tract infections are those that have not been circumcised and that is not the same case for those who have circumcised. Indications show that the men who are circumcised are less likely to suffer from a condition which is known as penile cancer compared to the other group of men who are uncircumcised.

Sexually transmitted infections are more common among the group of men that have not cut their prepuce or foreskin. You will not be affected by any infections when you maintain good hygiene and that is possible through cutting of the foreskin. The men who are circumcised are prevented from, and they are also free from getting a condition which occurs because of the narrowing of the prepuce that can cause the closure of the opening of the male reproductive organ. Survey also shows that men who are circumcised are less likely to carry viruses to their women counterparts.

As earlier highlighted, there are various circumstances that force parents to have their babies who are male to be circumcised. As a couple, you need to come together and know the reasons why your child needs to be circumcised because that is usually the decision for parents to make on behalf of the child. Ensure that you think about this circumcision matter before you make a choice.

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